Akin Hall Association Scholarship Program

The Akin Hall Association Board believes their scholarship recipients are recognized as individuals well versed in intergroup relationships, has demonstrated leadership and each has contributed positively to our community. The Association looks for candidates who are active in the life of Pawling High School as well as in the greater community.

Potential candidates must be residents of Pawling School District and show academic proficiency by ranking in the top ten per cent of their Pawling High School Senior class at the end of their senior year.

Candidates should demonstrate their involvement in activities of a spiritual or character developing nature. Examples of leadership activities are:

  • Participation in service organizations, Scouts, faith based organizations, athletics, environmental and/or interscholastic organizations.
  • The Scholarship Committee values experience gained through volunteering for nonprofit organizations, community events or part-time jobs involvement.

By investing in our Pawling graduates, the Akin Hall members believe we are investing in our future business, education, government and community leaders.

It is understood that our candidates have committed to attend a higher education school, college or university starting in the following fall, thus continuing their academic life.

Applications for eligible students are only available from the Pawling High School Guidance Office in late spring. The award process includes an application, academic transcript and an interview when asked. Awarded funds are sent to directly to the higher educational institution upon enrollment.


History of the Scholarship awards

When Rev Dr. Lankler proposed giving scholarship money to deserving high school seniors, he was following the example of Albert Akin who encouraged education for all, especially young people.

The original sums of money given were very modest, compared to the more recent awards. At first the scholarship was $1,000 in total for all students. They then rose to $5,000 for several years. The annual scholarship amount jumped considerably with the addition of support from Pawling resident Gweneth Williams and now from her estate. Gwen Williams stressed that the money should go to Pawling High School students who lived in Pawling.

Initially, top academic students were chosen by the Pawling High School. Over the years, the Akin Hall Assoc. Scholarship Committee refined the selection process. This lead to been more focused scholarship award process with candidates chosen by the Akin Hall Association Scholarship Committee who are Association Members.


Akin Hall Association reserves the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions of its scholarship award process at any time. Nothing contained in this document, the Scholarship Cover Sheet or other documents published or provided by Akin Hall Association with respect to its scholarship awards shall be deemed to be constitute an offer or to create any contract scholarship recipient or their families.